Yair Levi, a former Navy captain in Israel’s ‘Navy Seals,’ is a Jewish Israeli singer, songwriter and musical producer from Tel Aviv. 

Yair is a Jewish Levite (descendants of the Tribe of Levi). Fully embracing his heritage, he creates a unique mixture of Jewish soul music that embraces his faith and Biblical values. 

Yair’s music and personal journey has led him to various musical performances with several of Israel’s leading musicians. His music, which has spread far outside the borders of Israel, seeks to create a connection between different cultures and religions.

Out of Yair’s deep connection with Scripture has emerged one of his most powerful songs, ‘Refa Na’ (‘please heal her’, Numbers 12:13), which he wrote  for his ill grandmother in 2020. 

The song has reached millions of views on YouTube and has been translated to a variety of languages (Chinese, German, Spanish and more).

Yair and his 6-person band will be performing live at the Gallelujah Festival in June 2023.