Gallelujah invites you to listen to its two-part radio series: “The Gallelujah Radio Special.

Featuring 1-on-1 interviews with top Christian bands appearing at the June 2023 Festival:

Luke Smallbone (for KING & COUNTRY), Jekalyn Carr, Mack Brock, Rebecca St. James

+ Dr. James Charlesworth (Dead Sea Scrolls scholar) + the Gallelujah Founders Eitan Chamberlin & Erez Berkovitz.

The Gallelujah Radio Special is hosted by radio talk-show host Thomas Vaughn, and includes 8 songs by major artists :

Brooke Ligertwood & Brandon Lake: “Honey in the Rock”

Jekalyn Carr: “Changing Your Story” and “Your Bigger”

For KING & COUNTRY: “Together” & “For God is with Us”

Mack Brock: “The Love of Jesus” & “Still I will Praise”

Rebecca St. James (feat. for KING& COUNTRY) : “For Kingdom Come”

We recently syndicated this Radio Special out to over 3,000 Christian radio stations and podcasts and hope they play it to help spread the word about our unique Festival!

Want to help? Encourage your local radio station or podcast to play the Gallelujah Radio Special for their local Christian audience today. The Special can be streamed by podcasters/radio hosts via PlayMpe: