For the official Terms and Conditions for the 12-day Gallelujah Biblical Tour and Festival package for your specific dates:

For complete details:

Below are some of our operational guidelines for operating the Gallelujah Festival.

  • All bus banners and/or decals for the buses promoting the Gallelujah  brand, as well as the Operator and Agency logos.
  • All special licensing required by the State of Israel for fire, police and health for the Festival.
  • All insurances required for the period of the Festival itself.
  • Prior to the Festival, the grounds for the event will undergo pest control.
  • Gallelujah, Ltd. will employ all safety, building and electrical engineers to build its stage and lighting equipment to exceed the requirements of the Rider-conditions required by its music artists and in accordance with all regulation and safety standards.
  • A fully staffed security team will be provided throughout the entire Festival, and individual security personnel will be provided for the Artists on-location and for overnights throughout the Festival.
  • Tour guides and buses will serve passengers throughout the Festival and representatives of Gallelujah, Ltd. on a full-time basis will assist in such areas as the Help Desk, Transfers, Safeguarding during activities and educational instructors during and around the Festival.
  • All event attendees will wear a neon-colored armband signifying their participation in the event. Pastors and leaders will have a separate neon color that defines them.
  • Upon arrival, registration day, there will be light and acoustic performances set at different times such as check-in, evening bar area, etc.
  • Upon arrival, refreshments will be served (eg. Lemonana, frozen fruit drinks).
  • Atmospheric lighting will be placed throughout the event’s grounds for safety and elegance.
  • An on-site ambulance and medical services will be provided throughout the Festival
  • Gallelujah, Ltd. will decorate areas of the hotel and grounds.
  • Charging stations and free Wi-Fi will be available across the premises and a backup/overload system will be in place.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations will be available at each of these locations.
  • A registration and help desk will be provided.
  • Additional portable toilets and changing rooms will be provided.
  • Music will be played in the main dining and outdoor areas for both morning and evening meals.
  • On premises, there will be a late night bar area that has softer music sets will take place each night
  • Food stands will largely be cashless. All participants will use their armbands to gain access to, and pay for, items in the food areas and/or via prepaid meal and snack voucher tickets.
  • An extensive bar menu that includes NON- alcoholic beverages (cocktails) at all bar areas.
  • Selected bar areas will offer alcoholic beverages only outside of the main stage area. No alcohol will be permitted inside the main stage and main spectator areas.
  • No smoking will be permitted at the main musical events, but there will be official smoking areas marked away from the common areas.
  • Extra swim towel supplies will be available near the Front Desk, Help areas, and Pool areas at all times.
    There will be ‘extended’ pool hours each day, to the maximum possibility, even if there are extra expenses involved.
  • Outdoor shower and toilets/wcs with hand-washing stations with full time lifeguards.
  • A special food area will be provided for the following, but not limited to, supporting staff:
    - Gallelujah, Ltd. staff
    - staff
    - Ambulance, Police, Security personnel, cleaning staff
    - Local bands, sound and stage crew
    - Construction crews and stage managers
    - Guides and Drivers of the Gallelujah Event
  • Conference and meetings will be required throughout the Festival, and Gallelujah, Ltd. will have use of conference centers the main hotel offers.
  • Gallelujah, Ltd. will provide merchandise stands for souvenirs, t-shirts, memorabilia and products
    The food areas and menus are approved by Gallelujah, Ltd. in advance, and a diverse menu and outdoor food court options will be offered each night.
  • Ticket holders will eat their evening meal on-site for each of the Festival days.
    For three days, the main site will cater lunch for one-third of the overall participants on each day.
    Ginosar will maintain an open corridor between its hotel and the adjacent Sea of Galilee hotel, for allowing travelers between the two hotels.
  • A hotel representative will be allocated for each hotel that is off-site, with its own help desk and passengers will have free shuttle options to return to their offsite hotels.