Gallelujah has many unique extra experiences lined up for you during the Festival. We’re here to help you conquer the Galilee region (off the beaten track).

What better way to experience the landscape of the Galilee and Golan than with a JEEP TOUR led by a private guide/driver, navigating the bumpy off-road terrain of the Golan Heights to give you a unique perspective of the region!

Modern history such as the 1967 Six-Days War as well as Israel’s modern day challenges will become apparent as you overlook the modern Israeli villages from the point of view of once Syrian fortifications and outposts between1948-1967.

Apart from the history, an unforgettable view of the Land of Milk and Honey, with Israeli villages and orchards that decorate the borders of Israel today awaits you!

This experience will provide further context to Israel’s modern day agricultural achievements!