We are pleased to announce that local Galilean Messianic Worship Leader Daniel Carmel will be performing on the Sea of Galilee at the Gallelujah Festival 2023.

Daniel’s company Sea of Galilee Worship Boats offers a unique Sea of Galilee experience that takes pilgrims out onto the Sea in wooden boats, displays ancient and modern fishermen techniques and leads people to worship with both English and Hebrew praise songs.

Daniel’s story is inspiring and authentic. Daniel came to faith in Yeshua while piloting boats on the Sea of Galilee.

Here, on the very waters where Jesus/Yeshua preached and performed miracles, Daniel was exposed to the Gospel message; and since that time, he’s been writing and performing his own Messianic for thousands of Christian pilgrims!

We’re excited to have Daniel Carmel and his team “on board,” taking Gallelujah concert goers beyond the shores, and on to the actual Sea of Galilee.

It’s going to be fabs!